Oath New upcomming mmo

didn’t see any other posts on this one so I was just curious if anyone is keeping a eye on this one? It’s a new kickstarter mmo that sounds like it’s a little farther along than your average kickstarter mmo as they claim it’s only a few months away from a alpha test. the idea of the game sounds pretty interesting to me so I might throw a few dollars at it but won’t go to crazy, maybe buy beta access or something. Anyway here’s a preview reposted by lazy peon with his thoughts on it

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I think this looks pretty fun. There are many MMOs in development that seem to have potential, and this is one that I’ll be keeping an eye on. :slight_smile:

Looks like something I wouldn’t mind playing. Although I rather like the placeholder characters :smiley:

Went ahead and gave $100 to the after kickstarter fund for the game and got beta 1 access. Hopefully the game will go well

May want to watch this before investing: