Now is a great time to jump into VR - Oculus Quest 2 review

Hiya all! I searched the forums and discussion around VR has been lite. If you are like me, you stick with PC gaming and that is that. I bought the original Oculus and Vive at launch years ago and they are collecting dust in the corner.

Fast forward and my Son wanted an Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas. It took 15 minutes of me playing with it before I got my butt in the car, drove to Target and got myself AND my Daughter one. I cannot stress how great it is (I HAD to open it early to load stuff for him before Xmas!)


  • $299!!!
  • Resolution is crisp. Cant see pixels.
  • Its a stand alone unit. Genius. All of the apps/games are stored on the headset. You dont need a PC. You can take it ANYWHERE.
  • No cords. This one is such a game changer. No tracking units. You just put the thing on and good to go.
  • Audio and mic without headphones. You just put it on.
  • They are half way there with hand tracking. Some apps have no need for controllers.
  • Connects to your PC to play your Steam VR games.


  • Facebook but the Pro’s are way too many for me vs Facebook. Take my data.

Things to do:

  • I played a game called Pistol Whip yesterday that was the best game I have ever played. Its a music/shooter where you have to move to the beat. You pick a movie and you are in that movies action scene. Wanna feel like you are Neo? This will do it :slight_smile: . I watched the reviews and was underwhelmed. This is one that you have to experience to “get” it. After 20 minutes I was sweating buckets. My new Cardio.
  • They have a budding MMOish game called A Township Tale that is interesting.
  • Attend VR concerts and sports events.
  • TONS of social apps. I keep imagining most of OTG in there. Getting together and chatting in VR with tons of OTGers.
  • Go and see 3d movies. The wife and I put on a headset and watched Titanic 3d in a movie theater with other real people. 100% felt like we were at the real thing. 3d was great!
  • Been loving Netflix in VR as its like being in a theater. Immersive. Finding that I would rather watch movies in VR vs the TV.
  • Date night with the wife. Hung out last night and played darts and bowling (pro tip… get tumblers with straws so you can have beverages while in VR). These games are not empty. You make money and can upgrade gear and progress. The darts have no controller. You use your hands only.
  • Got a fishing game that is my new wind down game. Fishing in Yosemite with photorealism? Controls completely intuitive? Deep progression with gear and sites to unlock? Yes please.
  • They have a battle royal style shooter that looks interesting. You can climb everything and glide. Snipers are viable.

I think this is the future right here. At $300 I think this is the tipping point towards mass adoption. They have shipped 10 million units. Hopefully development ramps way up and we get some true MMOs.

Lemme know if you have one, would love to build a friends list with OTG.

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I have been thinking of getting one…you might have made me pull the trigger

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I would have to second this review. I picked one up for the grandkids and have been putting around with it myself quite a bit. The graphics are vastly better than the first gen stuff and I haven’t found a title that wasn’t fun yet. (also, most titles aren’t horribly expensive either)

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It’s a very nice piece of gear, but the Facebook integration is a 100% dealbreaker for me unfortunately :frowning:

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I was on the fence about getting the Oculus or another VR and I ended up getting the Steam Index.

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This would be my reasoning as well. I have no interest in FB no matter what is offered.

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I really wanted to grab one of these myself but the issue I have is what Facebook gets access to.

In order to map the room you’re in so you don’t hit a wall while using the Quest, there are cameras pointing out from the the device. This means Facebook can, if they choose, see everything in the room you’re in. Unfortunately with their track record of respecting their users’ privacy (they don’t) my guess is they will eventually use those cameras for that purpose if they’re not already.

I sincerely hope I’m wrong but I’m not going to take the chance.

This is exactly what I do not want to have happen. Therefore, I refuse to part take of such an endeavor, no matter how much fun it can be.