Novel : Sylvanas by Christie Golden

Warcraft®: Sylvanas Now Available for Pre-Purchase — World of Warcraft — Blizzard News

Christie Golden is a good author and I like reading her books, especially about World of Warcraft. However, it always seems that nothing of any strong significance ever happens in these books that is earth shattering (so-to-speak). I read her last WoW novel “Before the Storm” and I liked it, but the story just seems like filler before the expansion Battle For Azeroth launched.

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I’m excited for this one. She’s my favorite character!

I’m excited as well because to me, Sylvanas can go either way with her intentions and her end goals. Blizzard is hinting that something good is going on, but it’s buried so deep that it’s hard to see.

I love her books, they give more depth to the characters.