No signatures allowed?

I’ve been browsing through this new site and overall I am happy with it. Especially since I can make the background dark with white writing (I’m light sensitive so this works really well for me).

However, I was looking in preferences and could not see where signatures could be included with our images. I also noticed only one image and no avatar option. Are these not going to be included going forward or will our profiles be this pared down?

Go to preferences, profile to set your sig.


Looks like you figured out the avatar since you have one…

I have egg on my face. It was staring at me and I did not see it… Thanks Cef…sometimes I can’t see the forest for all the trees in the way…lol

/hugs no worries hehe.

Seems it doesnt like https: signature locations however as I cant seem to get an image to load in. At least not hosted by Google drive. Maybe thats a good thing? :wink:

Discourse really doesn’t like sigs and I have them turned off personally but they should work…

I can see yours, but you can’t see mine. /raspberry

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