No more Macs on Guild Wars after Feb. 18, 2021

I just received a message from GW2 that the Mac Client will no longer function with GW2 after Feb 18. I’m sad and I 'm crying because I have a Mac. I’m not computer savvy. I’ve enjoyed the game ever since the first day in August 2012. I have 5 characters and just started a new one. None are at level 80, but that’s OK because I’ve enjoyed learning about all 5 cities and the beginning territories through zones 15. I’ve even got to a few 15=25 zones and one 25-40 zone.

I have two notebooks with information about each character as well as crafting. None of my crafters have yet to get to 400. I’m a slow player and enjoy everything I see. I die a lot, but I keep learning slowly on how to do things. I really like GW2 since I can play it my way and not hold anyone back or not being good enough for dungeons.

So, I guess I’m saying goodbye to GW2 and Old Timers Guild which I’ve been a part of for many many years - ever since Everquest II which I played for about 10 years before I started playing GW2.

I’ll miss GW 2 a lot. I’ll miss Old Timers Guild, too. Many players have been nice to me and helped me out.

Oh Tonica, please stick around on the forums occasionally. I remember so many times I was grouped up with you, I think in Rift? Or was it GW2 where we would have an OTG group fighting to take down a world mob? Man my memory is sometimes not reliable. I tend to get some games mixed together…lllloooollll.

I do not understand why they are not going to continue to support Mac either. Makes absolutely no sense when other games do just fine. Did they even explain why?

You don’t need to leave OTG. I’m not playing any coop or MMO games and I’m still on the forums and in Discord.

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Oh, man - that’s a really sudden change to drop on people. A month’s notice isn’t enough for something like that, and crazy that their offered solution is to use a $-subscription, 3rd-party gaming service.

Yea, does not make any sense…unless there has been a change in ownership and their stockholders where there was a conversation about “we need more money.”

I’ll keep an eye on the forums for the next couple weeks - people are posting workarounds, but they’re pretty techy and complicated, so far.

Oh no, I hope you can find a way to continue playing. It sounds like you really put a lot of time and love into the game and should be able to continue.

Bootcamp is probably one solution, depending on what hardware you have. That lets you install Windows on a Mac, basically, and you can switch between the two. But yeah. That gets pretty ‘techy’.

I’m sorry to hear this Tonica. It has been nice to hear of the wonders of the world through your experiences. I’ll keep watching out for options as well. But do stay in the guild and on the forums… I’ll make sure your account doesn’t get kicked from the guild in game too (knowing you will be back).

There is a lot of chatter going on on the GW2 forums “Accounts and Technical Support” section about work arounds, what may work best, etc. I wouldn’t give up yet. Gamers are tenacious and creative–keep an eye on those forums, and there may be some better ways to access the game.

The GForce Now thing is just weird to me. Their “monthly subscriptions” are sold out, but they still have 6 month subscriptions. I don’t get why the subscription plan matters. I can understand if they have a total limit on the number of subscribers they can serve, but the plan limitations makes no sense to me.

I also couldn’t tell if you have to re-purchase something specific for the game once you subscribe–if you’ve already purchased the game.

Yo! There’s too many games out there to bail! I myself havent been that active here just because life happens.
But Im always looking out for someone to chill with in game if I can, and even if not, heck. the cartoon posts are enough to keep me coming around!

So, GW2 now offers subscriptions? I can’t afford two subs so I have decided to stick with Wow for now. Not sure if I’ll keep my free access to GW2 since I rarely jump into the game any more. Wonder if the sub is their way of controlling the game product?

This happened in SWTOR too where I lost half of everything I had earned or purchased when I tried to log into play after they changed. At that point I just uninstalled the game and walked away from it. I don’t mind purchasing what I want to use for my games but I hate having half of what I already purchased and earned taken away when I switch to a free to play model of the same game. They should have just let us keep what we had up to that point but restricted other things going forward as a purchase to use/play.

No. GW2 abandons Macs, and they gave an alternative as a subscription to a streamed gaming service.

Oh, thanks for clarifying that. Appreciate it. :grinning:

It still sucks for Mac users though :frowning:

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I’m pretty sure you can play the Windows version of GW2 on a Mac. Doesn’t it have an emulator?

Not quite as dry cut. It really depends on what type of Mac you have if you can run anything Windows, and most of that will be in Bootcamp, which is basically just a dual boot solution.

Especially for games, some of the solutions to run Windows apps on a Mac (like a VM or Wine) are either not feasible, or have issues.

Then there’s Parallels which is kind of a VM specifically to run Windows on a Mac, but that has absolutely horrible performance on the majority of games, so not really a solution either.

So… Depending on your actual hardware, Bootcamp might be the only realistic option, and that requires considerable setup, and an actual Windows licence.

So in essence they are basically closing the door on Mac use, forcing the players they want to be in their games to switch to a windows pc. What on earth are they thinking? Other games don’t seem to have any issues supporting Macs so why GW2? Makes absolutely no sense and eventually will push some players away from their game…which is lost revenue if those players actually support the in game cash shop.

I’m guessing they’ve already done the math and determined eliminating the Mac client and support will save them more $ than losing the customers that don’t decide to find an alternative method to keep playing.

Still annoying.