No Man's Sky - New Multiplayer Features

No Man’s Sky came out to a dull roar but has slowly been redefining itself with each new patch. Now they have a new multiplayer set up, and to me, it’s looking pretty fun. Might be worth a second, third…errrr…fourth look!

Another good follow up article on the same topic:

And the official trailer:

Ill be checking this out.

I’m interested in multiplayer if anyone wants to play.

Welp. guess I’m gonna have to reinstall No Man’s Sky and practically start over with all the changes.

Ah good to see a few might be playing. I’ve been thinking about buying this finally now they have multiplayer and it sounds like they’ve improved the starting experience too.

I’m probably going to play normal mode though… I’ve had my fill of survival. I assume that we can’t play together across modes?

It’s 50% off until August 21st too!

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Reinstalling too. A nice side adventure while waiting for WOW Classic.

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I’m checking it out as well on Xbox. feel free to friend me. check my sig :slight_smile:

Started over with a new survival mode chr yesterday. (PC) Found I could not remap my keyboard/mouse … would search google and find that the case.

Chatting w deadlights via steam he was crashing in the Nexus multiplayer. Loaded up single player and I thought he crashed again.

So, just a heads up on a couple bugs/features.

my steam handle = OTGtpsabre

A lot of us that were/are playing Atlas are also playing NMS now… feel free to join the Atlas channel in Discord. :wink:

Really got into this since the Beyond update. I really love that it guides you a lot better with missions. The missions lead you through building a base, getting vehicles, upgrading your multi-tool, and getting some plants growing. Following the missions also gets you a lot of recipes/blueprints.

I was playing on XBox, but after trying it on my PC I switched; it plays decently on my PC and I prefer playing with mouse/kb.

I’ve been to the center; and I’m in a new galaxy. Now I’m on a mission of my own to find the perfect planet to settle on.

shame its not on game pass. I’d like to try the pc version but I don’t want to buy it again…lol