No mans Sky Beyond : started a new game began in Budullangr galaxy?

I have an existing NMS game with my chr in the Budullangr. With Beyond I thought I’d start new and this time stay in the Euclid (1st galaxy). I created a new survival mode NMS Beyond character and once I left the planet I found myself not in Euclid (sp) but in the Budullangr (7th) galaxy. I deleted that new game started another and bam … I’m starting a new save but it’s in the Budullangr galaxy. I watched a “lets play” and that person started in the Euclid galaxy. Maybe a normal (not survival) starts you in Euclid now and a survival mode starts in Budullangr?

So just asking if this makes sense … because of … ? I kinda don’t like Budullangr that much as the colors are usually washed out being extreme / haunted / dead planets.

I started new and found myself in the Linugsv-Tut system, Geks at the space station. 3 planets, middle one is lush so I built there.

Maybe start a game in a different slot to get a new random start?

Thank you for the reply. I started a new survival mode, in a new save slot, twice. Both reported, once I reached space, that I was in the Budullangr Galaxy (7th in list) in whatever “area” of the galaxy and whichever local system.

Was really looking forward to a new play through in the Euclid(sp) (1st in list) galaxy.

Tonight I’ll try a new save slot , Normal mode … see which Galaxy I start in once I reach space.