No Discussion About "Coming Soon" Announcement?

Figured you’d guys be talking this up here:

One hour & 40 mins away…

Interesting. That almost makes me want to reinstall. My big question though is do they still have that harsh upgrade system that has a huge chance of destroying your gear when attempted? That was really the soul crusher for me in AA.

There is still crafted gear that can break yes, but now days that gear is not nearly as powerfull as the new Hiram gear which is aquired and upgraded through grinding alone and spending a minor amount of labor, and it never fails or downgrades. This new gear can currently go all the way up to mythic and is considered by most the top gear to work on nowdays. Well unless you go ptw route with erenor gear, but that one you will need to have crafted gear at ayanad devine first which has the problem of break chance so its very expensive to get yet only slightly better than hiram so not worth it imo. That said, it will take a lot of time grinding to get hiram all the way to Mythic grade as the xp needed for it is quite large even for only one peace of gear, but in the long run if you want a top gear with minimum gold investement hiram is the way to go

They are removing nations and have cleared the houses and castles from Auroria for a new realm vs realm siege system. You can stand toe-to-toe against P2W with decently upgraded Hiram gear. Every content release since Hiram came out has made it easier to catch up with more rewarding dailies. The server is a lot less toxic plus you go to jail for just killing 1 person so there isn’t much purpling at all in events.

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