Niflheim and Muspelheim are borkened

It is with much sadness that I must announce that we lost the servers. With this last update and its interaction with some of the mods. the db files got corrupted. not just the current one but I tried all the backups and all the different permutations of turning on and off mods that I could think of. spent all day trying to get the server to come up. with mods. without mods nothing worked. even after most of the mods were updated.

I was only able to repair the server by wiping everything in the world. the only good news from it is that character levels, feats, attributes and such have been saved. but all items and buildings are gone. Sorry I couldn’t do more to save what we had. This is an unfortunate risk we live with playing on a modded server.

But for now Niflheim is at least up and playable. with a nekkid character if you had one.

I am pretty sure that we also lost Muspelheim. it is also not coming up though I haven’t looked at it closely yet.

Aw man :frowning:

That’s a shame. Though I can’t honestly say I’m surprised. The devs created a framework for mod creators to use which they said would remain stable so the mods weren’t constantly broken, then they went and changed the framework and broke all the mods that relied on it.

As far as I’m concerned, I lost patience with Conan Exiles a while ago and uninstalled it so it’s not going to affect me but I do feel for all the people who spent so much time on the game and will have to start building again, especially with the gazillion crafting table nonsense I’ve been reading about!

Hope everything works out. Thanks for hosting the servers, btw. It was fun till the devs started losing their minds :exploding_head:

The gazillion crafting table nonsense is something that’s inherent with Unreal Engine and developers that don’t build their own modding/recipe system.

It’s the same in Ark :slight_smile:

I am done with the game. The additional crafting tables and all the related changed thereof are ridiculous and further broke a broken system. Last night was the least I have enjoyed playing it in a long time.