Next Naval Base Upgrade

We are able to build one of the following upgrades. Please review and leave a comment if you have a preference.

Dry Dock Expansion 6 - additional -3% to post battle service costs (general savings to the whole clan)
Steel Port Expansion 1 - extra 5% to Steel received (mostly obtained in ranked and clan battles)

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Steel Port 1.

Steel for me is not mostly obtained from ranked and clan battles. It is earned from the 6-part daily mission. Completing step 5 gets you 20 steel. Step 6 is another 20 steel. So that would boost it to 42 a day from 40. Over the course of a month that’s another 60 steel.

A tiny amount, to be sure, but better than another 3% creds. Don’t get me wrong, I am eternally low on credits, but I have many ways to increase credit gain (Premium time, focusing playing premium ships, several different signals, convert gold to creds, etc). Steel can only be earned AFAIK.

Thanks for the reply Greyed. I agree. Wanted to give folks a chance to add their opinions. Will add Steel Port 1.