Next Mod called Uprising August 13, 2019

Neverwinter has a new expansion ( my words) that is going off planet even…
The Gith look interesting to me, I’ll probably roll one, but undecided what class. No new class that I can tell.
The show Stranger things references Mind Flayers… and the New Balders gate 3 ( is about a Mind Flayer… Neverwinter Too! Has this mind flayer tale…

Anyone plan on checking it out come August 13th?

This update introduces the brand new gith playable race, a new PvP map, fashion system overhaul, recrafted early game zones and stories, and more! Stay tuned for upcoming Developer Blogs and join us for a Q&A Stream with Lead Designer Thomas Foss tomorrow (Go here for stream details!)

Adventurers, your aid is needed to avert disaster but do you dare risk the ire of the Mad Mage?

I saw that, looks interesting. I got my Pally to level 80. There’s so much to do in this game. I like the way they handle professions (managing a workshop) much better than your traditional pick these two professions and level them. The level 70 outdoor packs of mobs in the legacy campaign dailies seem decently hard for my Pally which doesn’t seem typical either.

Cool, might roll new race :raised_hands:

Think I have a VIP token left to start a Gith Tuesday :hugs:

I might be there with you. They changed the start of the game and said it was more fluid, easier to follow. Will be interesting.

Only class I haven’t done is Fighter, playing around with it now… will most likely roll one with Gith.
There will be a live Twitch feed on release…

Yeah I was thinking Gith look like fighter/warrior race to me. Maybe go Barbarian.

OK so… in case you haven’t figured it out… Undermountain campaign has 3 daily’s that can be run for gear. You need to have Runes by running to Runic Corruption areas… best places to get them are from Terminus area or Vanrakdoom. You can collect for enhancing gear, or use just for the daily to get a drop chance at 950 gear.

What I’ve learned about the ME (Master Expedition) daily’s is doing them by yourself takes 40 - 60 min with survivable gear. Running with a group you can knock out all 3 in 20 min.

Uprising is a little different. You have to do 2 starter quests, and then the next 24hrs you get the Expeditions (you see them called WE for Ward Expedition). The gear drops here have been weak, but some people have posted some good pet gear.

If you want to run the daily’s and want an extra hand, ping me. Only 1 person needs to have the quest and runes to run for the end chest. I’ve seen Horse on a bit - I sent a friend request in Discord.

Thanks for the primer on Uprising! I’ve been on vacation for most of August so been playing a LOT of Neverwinter. Leveling up a new Gith Barbarian right now but he’s not in guild. Lots of fun but takes a lot of damage ha!