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In short 10% of shares were sold for 43 millions. That money is for promotions and publicity.

SQ 42 is suppose to be release end of 2020.

Yup and with it the SQ42 roadmap was pushed out.
Overall I am quite pleased with the progress and the decisions made on publishing.

Interesting choice on the shares and marketing. Now that the game has an actual date and they’re going to do actual marketing, things are going to be really hectic around the game for the next year and a half or so.

Already talking with staff about what will happen with us as a chapter over the next few months, trying to get ahead of the storm

I actually meant in general, in the market, but yeah, I guess OTG too :slight_smile:

I knew what you meant. Just framing it around my personal view as well. Gotta look after us here as well as be a fan at large :slight_smile: