New World & other games participation

FYI, I am really looking forward to playing New World, I played the heck out of BETA and can’t wait. I am way far behind on any info about the guilds participation. Unfortunately, since my heart attack my semi casual game time (40-50+ hours a week or so] has been massively effected. I placed a new invite request under New World, I am just trying to stay in touch.

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So sorry to hear about your heart attack :frowning: Glad you will be joining us for launch, don’t worry about your game time. If you need anything or have any questions I will be hanging out in the New World Lobby and there are often a lot of knowledgeable people there too like Tess who have played the alpha! :smiley:

Brother, anytime, anything you need to help get you into some new World relaxation/edgy PvPvE/FUN!.. let your OTG Family know what we can do to help.
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Invite to drive the bus to hell incoming in 3… 2…


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Hey folks…just signed up. Kind of found your guild tone refreshing. I’m 41…work during the day…want to squeeze in some hours at night and on weekends …wife willing lol! What server do you guys plan to play on for NW launch ? I’m NE Location.

Here is a link to the launch info.