New World Officers by Server Official Presence and Company

Legacy Companies - Current Server: Maramma - Faction: Covenant

OTG Omega: (Mains Only)
Governor - Sonickat (NW XO)
Consul - Adoman (NW CL)
Consul- Awduum (NW CO)
Consul- Phingers (NW CO) [Muuhut in discord]
Consul- Technowiz (NW CO)
Officer- Cruman (NW NCO)
Officer - Kellethryn Kelryth (NW NCO)

OTG Zeta: (Alts Welcome)
Governor - Aetherkat [Sonickat’s Alt]
Consul - Techrising [Technowiz’s Alt]
Consul - Awdwind [Awduum’s Alt]
Consul - Toez [Muuhut’s Alt]
Officer - Crumen [Cruman’s’s Alt]

Fresh Start Companies - Current Server: Lilith - Faction: Marauder

Fresh Start Date: 11/2/2022

OTG Crusaders:
Governor - Neristhira - Adoman (NW CL)
Consul - Ian Flux - Benbrada (NW ADMIN)
Consul - Gwynn the Red - Cefwyn
Consul - Kellethrys - Kelryth (NW NCO)
Officer - Elric Darkstar - MikeinVA (NW NCO)
Officer - Taramelll - Taramil

Updated: 10/25/23