New World Officers by Server Official Presence and Company

On November 2nd, 2022 New World is releasing fresh start servers. We will be actively attempting to accommodate an official presence on the fresh start servers. This list has been modified to reflect the All New World Staff across all presences in New World.

Legacy Companies - Current Server: Orefena - Faction: Covenant

OTG Omega:
Governor - Sonickat (NW XO)
Consul - Adoman (NW CL)
Consul- Awduum (NW CO)
Consul- Phingers (NW CO) [Muuhut in discord]
Consul- Technowiz (NW CO)
Officer- Cruman (NW NCO)
Officer- Azaghael (NW NCO)

OTG Zeta:
Governor - Aetherkat [Sonickat’s Alt]
Consul - Techrising [Technowiz’s Alt]
Consul - Awdwind [Awduum’s Alt]
Consul - Toez [Muuhut’s Alt]
Officer - Crumen [Cruman’s’s Alt]

Fresh Start Companies - Current Server: Seer - Faction: Marauder

Fresh Start Date: 11/2/2022

OTG Crusaders:
Governor - Neristhira Adoman (NW CL)
Consul - Ian Flux - Benbrada (NW ADMIN)
Consul - Gwynn the Red - Cefwyn
Consul - Kellethrys - Kelryth (NW NCO)
Officer - Elric Darkstar - MikeinVA (NW NCO)
Officer - Taramelll - Taramil

Updated: 1/12/23