New World now on Nvidia GeForce Now

A few years back I had hardware issues that kept me from running more modern gaming titles. I tried several online streaming solutions including ShadowPC, Stadia, and NVidia Geforce Now.

I ended up settling on the Nvidia solution as it allowed me to link my Steam and Epic games and use them without having to buy the titles again.

At the time, it allowed you to basically launch the client from any PC or Mac, click your game title and play it streaming over the internet. I ran through the FarCry series and Cyberpunk without an issue. It allowed me to play Cyberpunk with RTX on. At the time you were locked at a 1080P resolution, but it still worked very well on even small light travel PCs.

It ran ~$5/month for the Nvidia service. I believe they have higher tiers now that offer better resolution than the 1080P.

Anyway, I noticed they now have New World as a supported title. So for some of you with hardware issues or travel, it might be worth checking out.

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Thank you so much. I started having a prob with my cpu getting way to hot. I payed for the top thing on GeForce Now and no more over hot (180 to 196 temp).

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