New World glitch frying RTX 3090 and possibly 3080ti

There seems to be a problem with the game engine being uncapped on fps (going all the way to 6000) causing massive power spikes. These spikes are bricking RTX 3090s and possibly 3080ti. Look up very recent vid by JayzTwoCents on YouTube. It’s game developed by Amazon … and Amazon knew about the problem in Alpha but pushed it thru to Beta … they could care less if they fry your GPU. Please research it before you play it. Just a heads up before someone loses a $2,500 - $3,000 GPU.


They’re apparently pushing through a patch that should help with this-- does anyone know if it’s gone through yet? I don’t have a gpu NEARLY as good as a 3090, but honestly if it’s so unoptimized it bricks 3090s, I don’t want to get in and lag to high heaven… so I’m waiting for the patch.

Their official reply is here: [Update on Graphics Card Issues] 3090 GPU Update - Official News - New World Test Forums

It should have been patched, or you can manually cap FPS in settings to prevent the issue. The rumor is it’s specific to EVGA 3090 cards so may be an issue with the manufacturer and not the software.


Updated news shows the ‘bricking’ is limited to EVGA brand 3090’s, as @Klayborne listed.

“It seems the EVGA RTX 3090 was the only card to experience catastrophic failures. Other RTX 30-series users and some owners of pre-Ampere cards say they have experienced incredibly high temperatures and 100% loads.”



Well, that is good news, and good service from EVGA.

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Kudos to EVGA :clap:… that’s real customer service, which is extremely rare these days. That kind of news makes me a EVGA fan boy. WHEN I can finally get a decently priced 3070 or 3080, it will be a EVGA. I’ve been in their queue for a month and still nothing.
I’m still not convinced that Amazon isn’t at fault also since they could care less about having corrupt sellers and won’t remove them (I’ve tried 3 times) and they aren’t game developers. If their devs are on par with their substandard employees … I wouldn’t risk it. Unfortunately, Amazon is as untouchable as AT&T and God … they will never admit they screwed up.
Sorry for the rant, I’ve just had too many issues with Amazon’s crap “Prime” service … and now this.

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Thanks so much for this!

WHEN I can finally get a decently priced 3070 or 3080, it will be a EVGA. I’ve been in their queue for a month and still nothing.

It’s going to be awhile unfortunately. I’ve been in queue for 2 different 3080s since October of last year. They still haven’t fulfilled all their orders from September. :frowning:

check this out -

@eharvill Thank you for the info. I’ll just have to wait a year or so I guess. I’ve had the parts for my new retirement build for over 6 months and can’t put it together:
ASRock B550 Steel Legend, Ryzen 9 3900x, LPX 16gb 3200 mhz, HX 750w, Lancool 2 case with 5 rgb 120mm fans.
My little ITX build with my 1080 will have to do. Weird thing is, that if i could find a 1080 ti I’d buy it. It out performs most of the new RTXs (obviously not the 2080 or 3080). I really don’t need ray tracing.

Thanks again

Why not put the 1080 with your new build? That’s what I did since I couldn’t get a 3080 either. Keep an eye on EVGA B stock (used/refurbished) Wednesday sales. I ended up with a 2080 for $400 late last year. Not a huge upgrade over the 1080, but it was worth it to me since I have a 1440p monitor.

I also got a Lancool 2, but the mesh version and no RGB. Love that case.