New World Chapter - State of the Chapter


The launch of New World was a major success thanks to the hard work and efforts of our chapter staff, supported by OTG admins, and our amazing members. Like New World itself when the game launched our chapter experienced an extremely unexpected but welcome surge of players in New World.

In the early months, on the Hybrasil sever prior to AGS starting its process of server merges, OTG controlled four territories valiantly for several months: Windsward, Ebonscale, Reekwater, and Brightwood. We peaked in active membership with nearly filling 8 separate companies on the same server. Early on this provided us great advantages as it allowed us to counter influence pushes with sheer numbers.

In months ahead we found shelter with our allies and challenges with enemies that arose who were determined to make OTG their arch enemies.

Eventually server merges came and we found ourselves on the side of being the server merging into a new territory.

First, we were merged in to Omeyocan and Omeyocan was eventually merged in to Ohnoo.

In preparation for the first server merge we changed with most of Hybrasil from Syndicate to Covenant.

Eventually burnout and attrition set in with our PVP players, AGS was slow to address balance and exploits, and many lost their desire to focus on regaining the territorial dominance we held when the game was new.

In early 2022 Expertise, Umbral Shards, and Mutations was released an a renewed vigor arose in our New World Chapter the sparks of our latest evolution began.


New World is not dead. Our chapter in New World is not dead.

AGS continues to make monthly improvements to the game and has been in recent months making great strides to address the quality of live improvements that everyone has been asking for.

Our chapter has evolved, new faces have become more active, some old faces less so but the spirit of community lives on and we all work hard to keep the spark alive and growing.

Right now, we are focused very much on the PVE content that is available in the game. That isn’t to say we don’t have people who enjoy flagging up and doing some open world pvp, nor that we don’t have people busting down forts in OPR. We just aren’t focused on capturing and trying to hold and defend territory in wars at the moment. We hope someday we might grow enough interest to regain our vigor in that arena but for now other adventures draw our attention.

We have a very friendly, welcoming and warm group of active players. Last checked roughly 120 strong who log on to New World regularly to play together. Of those about half login on a close to daily basis still. Many are enjoying time together questing, leveling crafting professions, helping each other complete elite quests. Some spend time in OPR and trying to wrangle the rest of us who loath it into doing it with them and sometimes they succeed.

We do have a regular schedule of events each week that allows members to experience and enjoy most aspects of what end game PVE content exists in New World. We are running expertise focused group events multiple days a week, we have started running an OPR night as a guild, we run expeditions and mutations as a guild on Saturdays (many run dedicated groups throughout the week) and on Sundays we still keep it casual with our laid-back mid-day coffee run.


The future looks bright. AGS is focused on responding to feedback. There are three new expeditions coming out in the next 3 quarters, two new weapons, and an entirely new zone to adventure through together. We have active members who are now preparing and working in earnest committed to pushing the limits of their abilities and trying to tackle the hardest PVE content AGS has to throw at us. We have hopes that our newly minted OPR events will spark an interest in PVP and who knows what adventure that will lead to.

The sky is the limits.


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It’s been awhile since we’ve provided a proper State of the Chapter.

The Last Six Months

AGS has gradually improved many aspects of the game. Those changes have came in small steps forwards and a few trips but the last six months were significantly smoother than the previous for New World. The game despite what many have said or may have said is not dead, nor is it dying.

I would like to personally recognize and behalf of our chapter thank the officers that worked behind the scenes the last six months and helped push forward through AGS’s infancy of New World. Without each of your help the last few months I am fairly certain parts of this airplane would of been falling off midair. You guys have continued to manage a thankless task with dignity, honor, and enthusiasm and it bleeds through to the members. Thank You.

We’ve continued to organize actives on a weekly schedule and focused on PVE content most of the last six months. We’ve done our best to keep the Sunday Coffee Run going. We actually managed to grow our active in game membership month over month even before Brimstone Sands was announced. Through it all we continue to have a very active and social chapter that tries it’s best to be an example of what OTG is New World.


These last couple of weeks we’ve seen a huge resurgence in interest in the game with the release of the new Brimstone Sands update in and with that came the announcement of a new revamped starting experience. That in turn drew an interest from many gamers and AGS decided to unleash a new round of servers dedicated to a new “Fresh Start”.

Behind the scenes Benbrada and others have worked diligently to both recognize and anticipate OTG’s interest in the fresh start and they put in weeks of behind the scenes work to lay a foundation to support an additional New World presence in Fresh Start.

We are happy with our new Marauder family who has taken up shop on the Minotaur server.

AGS has done a somewhat better job than at release with opening up servers as needed keeping them full enough to be lively but not having ridiculous queues.

Brinstone Sands has defiantly brought a renewed interest to New World having reached our lowest peak player count around 20k players several months ago, the recent peak was nearing 100k players.

There is still tread on these tires and there is a lot still to be optimistic about!

Interested in New World? Come Join us! Now is the time.

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