New Video: Is Pantheon Really the Spiritual Successor to Everquest? [BazgrimTV]

Community member BazgrimTV has posted a new video that gives a good discussion of what Pantheon has taken from past games and what new things it is bringing to the table. He does a good job of highlighting the similarities, but also in drawing attention to some of the differences that make Pantheon so exciting.

You can find his new video here:

If you haven’t looked into Pantheon before, or if it’s been a while since you’ve checked in, this is a pretty good recap of where things stand. Enjoy!

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Great video…One of the better content creators.

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Thanks for posting. I’m going to look at it now.

Tagged it earlier today for my “watch later” list. Seeing “Old style” Freeport alone digs a knife of how it use to be. dozens of people running around Freeport with hundreds more on your way out to East Commons.