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Hi everyone! I am new to OTG. Apologies if this is the wrong part of the forum to post this in as I am still trying to learn what part of the forum is for what… I am 34 years old! I game on xbox series x, ps5, and PC. I sometimes game on the nintendo switch (but not often its for my kiddo). I plan final fantasy 14 online on ps5 & console. My character is on the Ultros server. I didn’t know if you all had guild presence on that particular server like a company or anything. I also play elder scrolls online on xbox series x… I’m playing lost ark on pc as well. I THINK I saw somewhere in the onboarding/welcoming messages that there is a discord… Is the discord how you all chat with each other real-time up to the minute? What is the way to be the most connected real-time? I’m also very excited as I am very introverted lol. I game in between doing crossfit, working full time, and being a parent.


Welcome to the guild!

Here is the link with information on our Discord which we use heavily for both text and voice chat…

I’m not currently playing any of the games you mentioned but people in OTG definitely are so you should hear from them I am sure. There are also forum and discord areas to discuss them. Let me know if you need help finding them.

Have fun!

Welcome to OTG @XTLugia, welcome! :wave:

Although I am not playing any of the games you’ve mentioned, I think you may find folks who are engaged with them in one manner or another. Just poke around the forums and take a gander at things.

On the main menu you can scroll down to find many guild info threads under the our forum topics. Just below the General Games listing you will find all the major games we are currently engaged in. Feel free to check them out, ask questions, etc.

Again, welcome to OTG!


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Welcome to OTG, XTLugia!! Happy to have you with us! Discord is indeed where we do most of our chatting these days. I also play ESO but not very much as I regularly become absorbed by other games and fall away, only to return later! Welcome again!

Thanks for welcoming me yal! I have recently joined the discord and been chatting on it.

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Welcome! :slight_smile:

Here is a proper welcome… and a warning! :smiley:

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:smirk: Trust RanterX to come up with something truly remarkable…heheheh :rofl:

After all, our toons all do wear many and varied costumes and we do beat down bosses and mobs all over the place, in one manner or other so that image actually is fairly accurate. Although I think nameplates seem to be missing. :roll_eyes:


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Do you all ever do in person meet ups or zoom meet ups?


A loooooooooooong time ago we did a NYC meetup (where I live).

Dunno if anyone has done any anywhere since then.

Zooms… dunno but not a bad idea. Although you could do the same on Discord (and probably better, not a Zoom fan… it’s a necessary evil for work unfortunately).

Where do you live? Approximately. I don’t need your home address… or phone number, social, credit card… OR DO I?!? :smiling_imp:

Arkansas … but spend a lot of time in Dallas

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Welcome to the Old Timers. I’m more than a bit older, 93 but doing very well and still gaming. I joined the guild when it was 6 months old. We were playing Dungeons and Dragons online then. I love the guild. Older and slower now but hanging in there and still gaming on my pc. I wish you well and good gaming. I’m a retired systems analyst. Got into pc’s when they were just starting out. It’s amazing the friends you can make in gaming. Good grouping to you.

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I’ve met F2F with a few OTG’rs over the years when someone I play(ed) with either lived or traveled nearby. I always find the first contact an interesting mix of fun and anxiety-inducing (will they still like me IRL, etc.). Never been sorry I did it!