New Stuff; New Fun!

For those of you periodically checking out Warframe to see if anything interesting is going on:

Empyrean, which introduces spaceships called Railjacks, is live. There have been a couple patches already to do some balancing for enemy difficulty and resource drop rates. You also don’t have to own your own railjack in order to play the new content, and there are several people in the clan who have nicely outfitted ships. What this means is you don’t have to farm resources and you don’t even have to be a member of the in-game clan in order to log in, hop on discord, and come try out the new stuff playing with the rest of us.

There is also a big Twitch event coming up tomorrow, Friday Jan. 17 @ 2 p.m. (eastern I believe) where they are going to have DevStream 136 (an hour) followed by a 3 hour celebration foe the new year and one million followers. These type of events always give out free in-game goodies, and often times the only requirement is to have your Twitch account linked to your Warframe account, and be logged into Twitch for the stream (aka you don’t have to watch it live, just be streaming it). The celebration will include lots of story and lore, chats with development staff, etc. You can check out the article on the Warframe site for more info.

Last item is for those who have Twitch Prime (and if you are an Amazon Prime member this is one of your free benefits), there are monthly freebies in Warframe for having it. This month is a free credit booster (and who doesn’t like cold hard credits in the wallet) and an affinity booster.

So c’mon out and have some fun. Flexible missions that fit whatever size play time window you have, loot, blowing stuff up, more loot, and being a ninja…in space!

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FYI Gift of the Lotus alerts are up until tomorrow. One for an Orokin Catalyst blueprint, one for a Shotgun Riven, and one for a million credits in celebration of a million followers.

Even Dr. Evil approves of this gift!