New Server: Eidolon Server

40Gb update earlier today - server’s dead in the water as a result.

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on it!

Hi all! I see that this server is still up and EU-based. I’m from NA, but jumped on. Does anyone still play?

Discovered a issue, the server you were on was not mine. A server with the same name in the EU was where you went. Not sure how that happened. Regardless, decided to restart the server with all new mods and changed the name. Left the Steam group the same name. Working on testing it now.

STEAM GROUP: Eidolon - Conan Exiles Shadows Lands

Shadows of the Wild Lands
Server: Shadows of the Wild Lands (Updated 2024-06-13)

Password: WalkAbout

Server Mod Collection: Shadows of the Wild Lands

Voice and Chat via OTG - Conan Exiles Discord[]

New Factions
New Weapons
New Armours
Roleplay and Utility Mods

Switched out some mods, some newly released ones added.

Thanks, ST!
I appreciate you keeping the server up!

I set the server to backup, update and restart between 4 and 4:15am daily. Let me know if any issues. Mountain Time (UTC-7:00)