New Router Help

We recently upgraded our DSL (yes, we’re living in the 90’s) to 60mbps. However, while connecting the hardline gives us over 50mbps, we’re only getting 30mbps download speeds via our wireless router.

We are due to upgrade our router, so I’m looking for some advice. We live in a tall narrow townhouse that has wireless devices throughout (the router would be located on the middle floor).

Our biggest issue is that as it is a townhouse community, there are a LOT of wireless signals out there that may be causing interference with our signal. I’m not sure what we can do to boost ours or prevent that from happening. It’s not like this place was built with thick walls between units.

Any input/advice/suggestions on a new wireless router would be appreciated. TIA.

I would suggest you start with finding out a bit more information on your other local wireless networks. You can use a wifi analyzer tool to find out what channels and frequencies are actually in use. This is an optional step however, as it is beyond your control for the most part. If you own the building, you should consider wired lines over wireless where you reasonably can. Wired lines get less interference and connect quicker, always will.

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