New player stupidity

Just downloaded on Friday. By Sat I had my first crimestat for not asking for landing permission. By Sun I found myself at Port Ollisar while my ship is way out at R&R Huh L3. Yep, not the smoothest start.

All learning experiences and best done while in Alpha/Beta :wink:

And hopefully much harder to do when things go live. It will be much more frustrating when people have real things at stake.

Yeah the tutorial part has kinda been dropped at the moment with the game changing so much patch to patch…

Hopefully once things stabilize new players will be able to get started without having to watch a dozen Youtube videos first :wink:

The tutorial has come and gone several times, which is to be expected. Honestly, I’m surprised they even try to have one with the rate of change. Typically it’s done during the beta, after most things are settled, but kudos for them at least trying :slight_smile:

They recently added a bunch of videos for the new players.
I watched them. Not helpful. they try to be clever and funny and fall flat to me.

That sums up my take on them as well. At least they are trying /shrug.

Aren’t those fan-made?