New Pantheon Stream with CohhCarnage 2/18/20 @ 12 PM PST

From the FaceBook post:

The Pantheon Development team joins CohhCarnage, February 18 at 12pm PST, as we present “The Making of Faerthale.” Get an extended look at the sights and content for our most stunning zone to date. Plus, maybe a few extra surprises. Hope to see you there!

Twitch channel:


Good catch.

Wooooo hooooooo! :slight_smile:

I feel like Faerthale has been almost all we’ve been hearing about for the last year. Hopefully the other zones are being worked on as well. I suppose I should just be happy that the game is still progressing at all. I’ve all but given up on MMOs and this one is the only thing giving me any hope for the genre. Fingers crossed!

Nice! Thanks for the heads up!

Today’s the day!

Six hours and fifteen minutes… I can make it. I can make it. :exploding_head:

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That was a good stream.

We got a good view of Faerthale as a zone, with nice visual progress. I like the UI updates and added skill upgrade functionality through the Codex. The unexpected raid zone preview as part of the acclimation system was a nice addition as well. Looking forward to seeing this in-person during the next PA. :slight_smile:


Admittedly, I couldn’t watch the whole thing. But a few things struck me:

  • Any apprehensions I have about the loss of Brad McQuaid are quickly fading. This stream showed me unequivocally that the developers are 100% invested in the game and have the level of pride in their work that you’d hope to see. This was actually quite a relief.

  • Did you see that spellbook?! I’m pumped to experience all of the skills and spells available. This has clearly been a big area of focus for the team and I’m glad to see that.

  • I’m generally not one to pay much attention to things like storyline and lore (gameplay > *), but the things they touched on in this stream intrigued me. That additional context really adds to the environments and NPCs we saw in the stream.

  • Environmental effects don’t feel gimmicky. There are real impacts on gameplay and strategy that have to be considered.

  • As someone who enjoys exploring new areas and attempting to reach the unreachable, the climbing skill seems very cool. No longer can you just take for granted the ability to climb everything and pretty much reach any area you can see like in most other games. It makes me want to know what other skills are in the game and how they incorporate into the gameplay.

All in all, I’m excited. Things are progressing nicely and I hope the game is successful. :slight_smile: