New Pantheon Stream with CohhCarnage 2/18/20 @ 12 PM PST

From the FaceBook post:

The Pantheon Development team joins CohhCarnage, February 18 at 12pm PST, as we present “The Making of Faerthale.” Get an extended look at the sights and content for our most stunning zone to date. Plus, maybe a few extra surprises. Hope to see you there!

Twitch channel:


Good catch.

Wooooo hooooooo! :slight_smile:

I feel like Faerthale has been almost all we’ve been hearing about for the last year. Hopefully the other zones are being worked on as well. I suppose I should just be happy that the game is still progressing at all. I’ve all but given up on MMOs and this one is the only thing giving me any hope for the genre. Fingers crossed!

Nice! Thanks for the heads up!