New Pantheon Gameplay Stream w/ CohhCarnage - Thursday Dec 12th @ 3pm EST

Hi everyone,

Last time around when VR invited Cohh for a stream, we got a little video footage but mostly conversation focused on game systems. This Thursday, December 12th at 3:00pm EST, they’ll all be back together for some actual gameplay.

You’ll be able to find the stream at

His team is usually good about posting things to YouTube quickly, so you should be able to find the replay there and on Twitch shortly afterward.

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I’d definitely recommend checking out the recording of this session if you’re interested in Pantheon.

The game is looking good and playing pretty well. They fight through a giant frozen outdoor/underground zone. Some cool things to note:

  • Models and graphics have gotten some work

  • UI elements can be moved, hotkeys remapped, macros created

  • They’ve added a disposition system to enemies. Basically, when an enemy spawns it has a random chance to be given a modifier that changes its stats or behavior. In the stream, we see an example of the “bloodthirsty” disposition. These NPCs will try to place a bleed on a character, and when they are successful, they gain an additional “blood frenzy” buff.

  • The climbing system is showcased again. Looks pretty good. It was interesting to hear that rather than programming which areas you CAN climb, the default is that everything is climbable (if physics allows it) and they only flag certain areas that CAN’T be climbed.

  • I almost forgot! They also spent more time discussing and interacting with the Perception system. Definitely some interesting possibilities for subtle storytelling and immersion there.

Anyway… if you were concerned about VR’s direction and dedication after Brad’s passing, watching this stream might be a good pick-me-up for you. I know it was for me. :slight_smile:

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I was very excited after this vid. I believe the group make up of Pantheon will be very open, this was two Warriors two Healers and two DPS. they where CCing with stuns and a very good use of banners to draw the mobs off. The TTK was 50-60 sec /mob. there resting to regain mana was done standing and moved right along. IDing the healers was of major concern but very doable.
They made a few ref’s to up coming PA which got me going.

I will be making a Warrior and a Enchanter and looking for more for the up coming PA5, I am guessing just after the first of the year…onward and upward!

Great points, @Cali

They showed off some cool, subtle mechanics in that stream. They’ve thought a lot about how your own skills can interact with each other and how they can interact with your party members (like healing received increasing a tank’s resilience, I think…). I’m looking forward to a time when the NDA is lifted and we can see a lot more content from different perspectives that shows off all of this stuff. :slight_smile:

I am excited to see that the climbing is not just a gimmick but they plan on making it an integral part of the game, with dungeons truly being vertical. Also that they are planning on having “safe” areas in the dungeons such as the one that Grokk was inhabiting.

You must be wary of Safe area there all always TRAINS.

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