New Panda Quests

The next set of Panda quests has started, lots of stuff for your house, new adornments, and other odds and ends.
Locations for Antonica:
Lighthouse, Keep of Gnollslayer, Glade of Coven, Bells of Vhalen, Windstalker Village, and Keep of Ardent Needle
This will take weeks to complete like the last one did.


This is the same order as in the wiki:"Travels"_of_Yun_Zi_-_Antonica_or_Bust I did it last night cursing whoever had me criss-crossing Antonica! Lighthouse, Needle, Bells, Coven Windstalker, and Gnollslayer seemed like a better order!

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It seemed to need to be done in order when I did it. It still does not take that long either way.

No, really? So it’s the devs want us to criss-cross Antonica?

Certainly a nice clock tho!

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If you have more than one account, you only need to do one toon per account.

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Thanks Trisc,
I always seem to come back at end of summer lost :joy: this totally helps

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Panda is on vacation from Tuesday Sept 4 til Thursday Sept 6.