New OTG member - WoW Classic

Hi all,

Just wanted to share some feedback about my 1st week with OTG…

Day 1
As soon as I found out what server OTG were on I made a brand new Belf pally and started lvling. I whispered the only name who was online at the time (shoutout to Stoni, what a champ!!) and started firing off questions about getting a guild invite, what days/time were raids and I’m sure this guy was thinking “who is this??”. But to his credit he was polite, knowledgeable about guild protocol and above all…supportive.

Day 2
Application was reviewed and pending approval, still lvling my pally and doing all the things we do when we roll a fresh toon on a brand new server. Continued chatting with my dude Stoni.

Day 3
Application approved, I hurriedly contacted the recruiting officer and got into the guild Discord server and started spamming chat with my typical enthusiastic nonsense… got my guild invite and started spamming guild chat… got a very enthusiastic welcome from all the guys/girls, continued lvling and making a nuisance of myself :stuck_out_tongue:

Day 4
Continued lvling, got a dungeon run from one of the guildies who had nothing better to do for an hour. Starting to feel at home now, the guild is super chill and really helpful…one of the guildies made a BiS lvling weapon enchant for me that made everything so much easier.

Day 5
Continued lvling, at this point I’m debating bringing over my boosted 70 pally and lvl 73 DK (love playing DK, they’re the main reason I started playing Wrath Classic because I never got a chance to play when Wrath was live). By this time I’ve met/chatted with most of the guild and I’m really happy to be in a guild with these people.

Day 6 (server maintenance)
I decide to server transfer my pally and DK from a high population PVP server on the Oceanic cluster (5-10ms ping) to a PVE server on US East cluster (200-250ms ping) with a 18hr time difference. By the time i complete the server transfers the servers are offline for a 8hr maintenance.

Day 7
Got up early to run dungeons with the guild (early for me is 9am due the time difference) and join voice chat in Discord. I introduce myself and instantly feel at home, chatting and bants while I set up my UI since the new ICC patch has hit the servers and reset everything. Happy my DK made it over. We start a dungeon for which I have a few quests and by the end of the run I’m working well with my homeboy Stoni the tank, getting to know the gang a bit better and I genuinely feel at home.

I cant believe it took me almost 10 years of playing WoW to finally stumble across a group of like-minded players who enjoy the game at my pace, are genuinely welcoming and helpful and speak my language (not a dig at other cultures just an observation about gamer chat :smile: ). All the things I wanted with the guilds I joined and ran were here the whole time…

Thank you OTG for reawakening the long-dormant joy of playing mmos with other people.

Big shout out to Old Punk for all the help! You rock my dude <3


I’m glad to have “bumped into you” that fateful morning! Welcome Home! :). And thanks for the kind words.