New mini-dungeons in EoD

This post is mainly to see if there is enough interest for a weekly or biweekly run for the mini-dungeons in Seitung, Echovald, and Dragon’s End. All of them can be solo if you don’t mind taking your time, but what is the fun of doing dungeons alone? It’s more joyful to go to battle with friends you trust and be able to share the rewards for your efforts. The mini-dungeons are: Zen Daijun Maze (Seitung), Valdhertz Crypts, and Mysteries Deep Within. All of them require having some masteries completed in the new area, and all of them offer some achievements to finish. We might even try and do some more hard to get achievements if the interest is there. Please let me know if you are interested and the range of hours and days you might be looking for.


I know nothing about these, but I’m interested.

The first one is in Seitung at the Zen Deijun maze. Its interact with the 3 different colored totems to get their buff then kill the 3 different bosses (each have different skills ) and at the end of the last boss, a lighted spot appears on the floor, interact with it, and will send you to a chamber underneath the maze where you will you find 3 chests. Its repeatable, get a mastery, and achievement (s), and the great rewards there.
The is the other in Echovald, the Valdhertz Crypts. It has different chambers one after the other, with different challenges, and a puzzle, and after killing everything and solving the puzzle, there is a mastery and achievements, and of course great rewards.
I forgot to mention the other dungeon in Echovalds but I need to do more research about it :slight_smile: my apologies for that.
The Mysteries Deep Within is also a minidungeon, each chamber is increasingly harder, and at the end again, mastery, achievements and rewards.

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