New member here - WOW Classic

Met someone on the WOTLK Pagle server. Was wondering what would be the best WOW server and character to create if I can’t transfer one of my toons. I am a seasoned player with multiple hi level characters in Classic, just looking for a guild to have fun with, so I don’t mind leveling a new character if required. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks!

You actually met an OTG person on Pagle? WoW! Classic alliance is really not very active Our horde chapter on Mankrik is more active.

But before you can join an OTG chapter, you have to fill out an application. Please see this post for details: Before You Apply… Things to Know

Personally, I think the best race and class is the one you like to play the most however our dungeon/raid person might have a different opinion.

@OldPunk What say you?

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Yes, real nice fella! In fact, he pointed me to this site and told me the same thing about Horde. I wasn’t sure what server. I will review the requirements. Thanks!!

We are on the Mankrik server for Horde WOLTK.

As for wat to play or bring over, we have a strict “Play What You Like” policy. Tanks and Healers are great but we would prefer you to stay and play long term so pick your favorite!

Jump in Discord and track us down.

OTG Disco is here:

And we use Rez. Inc. to post scheduled events so log in there as well!

And Welcome!

Hi 4thy,

I am Lorantell, the membership officer that will handle your application. Keep an eye on your PMs and it should be a fairly quick process.


Thanks OldPunk! I joined the server and took a look. I noticed there are not a lot of signups, do you usually fill the roster? I do not care either way, just trying to get a feel for participation requirements.

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We can fill a group roster, and are slowly getting to 10 player content.
Currently the Titan modes are our focus for mains and gearing up alts and new comers in Heroics as well.

That’s awesome.

FYI - Only - IF I am accepted, please consider the following:
[ All on Pagle]
80 Hunter - MM
80 Pally - duel specced but mostly gear for tank (540 defense)
76 Mage - fire
77 Rogue - Combat
I have others, but these are the only that I am willing to faction change and transfer
I would probably only move 2 max - the pally tank and one other DPS setup
I also have a horde warlock (62) on Mankrik already. I just moved him - NOT for OTG (although I have no issue playing him for OTG), but needed to be on a server that I could utilize the AH (which is terrible for horde on Pagle).

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The application is done! Welcome to OTG 4thy.

If you want advice on what would say the Mage or Rogue, as we have 1 of each but they are alts.

But again we would prefer you present and having fun in any role.

If it matters we need a Blacksmith.

we started wow classic on pagle horde and mankrik alliance but we switched for BCC…lol

Thanks! I am all excited lol

I am going to move my pally and rogue. My pally is a good tank and the rogue I simply just enjoy playing.

Well it takes time to develop in any server environment and for any faction. I am just glad I found you guys :slight_smile: Time to prepare my characters for the move. :slight_smile:


4thy Update:

I have changed the faction to horde moved my level 80 pally to Mankrik, his name is “Bookoodles”. He is a miner and engineer, but I am probably going to change him over to blacksmithing to accommodate OTG.
He is duel specced, but only really have gear for tanking at this point. Item sum is over4 3300, so I am lacking a few good pieces. I have yet to decide if the other spec should be holy or Ret. Any Suggestions? I will let the guild decide this one based on what may be needed. He also has an epic flying mount. I usually save and buy one for each character I get to 70, I have like 5 of them lol.

I also previously moved my horde warlock over and jumped him a level to 63. His name is “FourShadow”.
He is a Tailor and enchanter. Only about 280 and 260 respectively.

My next endeavor will be to move my rogue (77). It wont take him long to get to 80. I will then move his lock picking up to that level (presently it is only at TBC max.

I was going to bring what was my TBC main which was a hunter, but I think I want to leave him where he is for now. You guys already have 3 hunters from what I read lol.

Finally got my bank character started and got him some bags lol name is “Copher”. Get it? hehe
The economy seems to be similar to that of Alliance on Pagle so I should be able to do well.

If there are any enchanters, I have brought some mats with me so feel free to ask. Once I have access to the guild bank I will start loading stuff in there for raids/Parties but it will be a while becuase I have to reset from the move. Unfortunately, my main cook is staying back but I am starting to level cooking and fishing on my warlock.

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