New member here trying to world transfer

I’m trying to move my toon to Excalibur, the world is always closed for transfer. I’ve checked early morning , afternoons, evening, and late night. Is there a possibility that Excalibur’s world is lockout for world transfers?

A lot of the high pop servers have restrictions. Early AM (2-3 EST) or right after server restart are the best times when Square wants to spread the love with other servers.

Airen (Ariki Ko FFXIV CO)

I heard Excalibur is now marked as congested, so there’s a good chance you won’t be able to make a character or transfer until that designation goes away (per the screenshot above). I don’t know where to check that info, or if the old adage of “Just wait for when it’s quiet” still works since they added the New/Preferred/Standard/Congested designations.

Yeah I believe it, I checked yesterday periodically through the afternoon and evening, then 3am 5am 7am. I have a toon i created a couple of months ago. I’ll probably pay to boost it. Thanks for the replies though. Y’all are awesome

here’s a reply to a post about it becoming issue, do y’all agree with his statement?

Nope. FC’s are more than chatting. There are the buffs they can provide. The shared bank. FC’s share a guild house, which gives everyone an extra teleport for cheap. Right now we’re restricted on how many CWLS’s we can have, i believe that’s changing (may have changed already but I believe it’s changing in 5.x) but right now, only allowing one really restricts things. It’s a nice band aid until they do open up transfers to Excal again, but that’s all it is, a band aid.

Well he replied again to me that it was my fault or bad managed FC. I just want to be part of a respectful community that has fun. I didn’t mind boosting a toon. Cheaper than buying a console game. You all have been great so far. I also think that’s reddit for you, you get great advice sometimes other times not so much.