New Level 60

I’m a returning player and just recently hit 60 with a gear score around 560 and expertise 544. I haven’t done any end game dungeons now or prior to the expansion. What dungeons or maybe tirals(?) would be good to start getting my feet wet.


  1. I’m maxed in Syndicate and is the resilient faction gear decent and does it scale with our expertise? The mix of Resilient gear I’m getting from the boss runs (Helio, Scorp, Wall, etc) not 100% sure what they are called , but seems to have dropped some better resilient pieces than the Syndicate faction items.

  2. I’m 200 in armor smith would it be better to try and make pieces hoping I get resilient items? Since it is RNG that seems maybe a beating.

  3. Is everyone in OPR which I believe is now 20v20 using best in slot?