New Horde Alt Level 1 to KSM

Decided to run a new alt and rolled a Vulpera - Restoration Shaman. 5 Days 16 hours to get KSM (Keystone Maser), ilevel 241 now if I take my helm off and swap to 252 item but then existing helm is my legendary (235). Managed to get 80 renown too so it is fast with 9.1.5 catch-up. Gotta say there are way more grouping options on the Horde side. Now have to level conduits, torghast soul ash & raid heroic.
What to do next?

Ha! I was gonna type something about running mythics…. See how way unnecessary that would be. :grin:

Pet battles? Level up professions? PvP?

Congrats Nick…

now come back & help me…


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I’ll help you push Trevain anytime, just sent me a whisper or message in discord!

we could use you on the horde side on Kul Taris/Bladefist in the OTG Horde guild!

:rofl: :joy: