New Heavy Fighter from RSI: Scorpius

Waiting for the Q/A to come out in the next week or so but this one is different.
Smaller shields than the Vanguard, more guns though. Less overall firepower than the Hurricane. EDIT: Slightly more than the Hurricane actually.

The big question about it is can the turret be used by the pilot in a forward locked mode or is it copilot only.
That will tell if it is the next meta ship.

“meta” ship?

Right now the Sentinel is one of the only ships to use in combat if you want to win. Well, in PvP. In PvE it is still the best but not only option.

Each time a new ship comes out it is the new meta for a while, usually until the sale ends, then they nerf it down in the name of “balance”.

Seems a bit shady and at first I didn’t want to believe it was happening, but after 3 years of constant new ships being the meta then getting nerfed it is hard to argue the point.

So anyway, this ship is being looked at as the next possible meta, depending on how it performs and how the weapon hardpoints work out. And if we get blades in the game before it comes out that would influence things quite a bit.

Yeah, that makes sense. The “I win” button is always the latest/greatest and you can only win if you pay cash. I like the look of it, it’s an X-wing, so obviously catering to that crowd as well.

Yeah the design is well done to hit the X-wing feel but still have a very distinct RSI look to it.

Overall I love the design of the ship and the idea of that much firepower is nice, even if you have to use blades to access all of it. Just a little worried that a “Heavy” fighter has 2xS1 shields when a “Stealth” fighter has 3xS1

Yeah. I’m curious where the F8C falls into all of this. It’s also a heavy fighter, I believe? I’ve 2 of those.

It is, and from the looks of it Anvil has a better idea of what Heavy means :wink:

It’s good that you two guys are still talking about ships, haven’t lost all interest then, mcallen. I picked up a Scorpius, cos I don’t have many fighters and like the idea of going into battle 2 up with one of my sons. :slight_smile: And neither of you responded before but if you’re looking to offload any duplicates in your fleets, let me know!

I got one on the cheap, CCU’d one of my dupes into it, which is about all I do these days, shift and settle, get rid of dupes.

I caught your message but didn’t see anything you were looking for in my buy back.
I can try and gather a list of what I have and let you look thru it.

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Thank you, that’d be great.


Hurricane vs Scorpious?

I would love to “upgrade” my Banu Defender to the Scorpious, but they are exactly the same value. You can’t swap ships of equal value, you have to put at least 5 bucks toward the new ship in the upgrade. (I’m not feeling the Defender after playing around with it… very underwhelmed.) The ship just below my Defender is the Hurricane. So would it be a “good” upgrade considering I’d have to put 25 bucks towards the Scorpious? (First new money I’d put in the game in years…)

EDIT: I guess I could melt the Defender, but probably lose the LTI in the process… so there’s that.

The Hurricane and the Scorpius are almost identical ships in many ways.

There are a few things that make either of them a good choice.

  • Weapons are not wing mounted on the Hurricane like they are on the Scorpius. Losing a wing means losing a weapon for the Scorpius.
  • Firepower is slightly greater on the Scorpius and the turret is mobile across the hull for greater range of fire.
  • Hurricane is smaller target
  • Scorpius has remote turret instead of manned turret (losing turret doesn’t kill the gunner)

But really they are so closely matched it is a matter of preference in aesthetics. Whichever looks better to you, they both fill a similar role and will perform them adequately.