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Hi all im a new guildmember since yesterday and i thought i should introduce myself :grinning: im a 39 year old Male from sweden. I have been into mmos from the beginning of Ultima online and after that i have played lots of different mmos. Mostely wow. Im posting here because i want to jump into try EQ2 again. I wish to know who to contact ingame and what server etc :grinning:


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We are on Halls of Fate and you can contact any officer for an invite. Is Zepharo the name of your character?



I haven´t made up my mind of character name yet but i will set one up later this evening tho :slight_smile:



Välkommen! We have another Swedish member (she lives in the US) also. I learned a few words of Swedish many years ago from Swedish friends in West Africa.



That´s cool to hear… im trying to decide on what class i should make in EQ2. im gonna make 1 of the priest classes. Any suggestions?



I love playing priests and scouts! My main is an inquisitor, and we have an excellent defiler in the guild. We also have a couple of up-and-coming furies.

I believe I’ve heard mystics are pretty good this xpac, and wardens are always good. Templars are probably the hardest to solo.

Here’s info I’ve collected on the various priests - the type of armor they wear, and then their specialties:

Fury Healer Leather Heal/cure/ buff Caster group DPS/regen Keeping Necromancers alive, AOE prevention, casting priest
Warden Healer Leather Heal/cure Melee Group high regen Keeping Necromancers alive, AOE prevention, melee priest
Templar Healer Plate Heal MT Heal MT group Main tank healer, casting priest
Inquisitor Healer Plate Heal Melee Group Heal OT group Verdict, AOE prevention, melee priest
Mystic Healer Chain Ward "Good Group" Power Regen BIG wards, melee priest
Defiler Healer Chain Ward "Evil Group" Debuff mobs Recovery from big hits, casting priest
Channeler Healer Leather Secondary group healer Primary group healer
support healer making people wonder why the Ranger is out-healing them. (these refer to the Channeler)

MT = Main Tank OT = Off Tank AOE = area of effect (hits more than one target)



Great info thanks for that! i will make my choice during the evening :slight_smile:

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Hi. I have created a character on halls of fate. A warden called Zepharo

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