No way I’m gonna be able to afford the new GeoForce 2080 so I’m looking at the 2060. its only about $400 would it be worth it? using 1070Ti right now
What and how much of a difference IS there between the 2080 and 2060… Beside one having 8 Gig and the other having 10Gig?

I am no expert but this is the site I use:

That is comparing the three you mentioned. What I like about this is you can see price related to performance. It has always served me well through the years.

for 200 more;

form copy paste to sold out

600 is to much. been unemployed for almost a yr due to covid, 400 is gonna be had enough but that I can come up with.

@Splatt. This is what I bought and I think it works well :

I had originally purchased the and thought it was awful.

I purchased most of my parts from Amazon because their return policy can’t be beat.

Hope this helps!

If you have a little extra money to spare, go for the 2060 Super, it does have some significant (well, 10%+) improvement over the plain 2060.

Splatt, I’d suggest just hanging on to your $$ for a bit. The upgrades you’re looking at don’t seem worth the money, but you KNOW another 6 months will change that. :smiley:

This is another decent site that complies actual user benchmarks so it’s comparisons of the cards in real machines, not just factory specs and comparisons on identical ideal high end rigs.

From that data your 1070 Ti is likely going to be more effective minus the RTX ray tracing specific features. Even an RTX 2070 is only a 20 percent step up - which in my opinion is still not worth it - and throwing away over $1K on a 2080 right now is way not worth it.