New fractal

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Looks very interesting.

I’ve done a few fractals now. They’re really fun, but I have this persistent fear of not knowing what to do since each one’s different. Does everyone just learn all the fractals? Or does everyone count on someone in their fractal group knowing what to do?

Talk to Bridget Morrigan… She is a fractal expert.

Most of them have standard strategies and shortcuts that the “experts” expect people to know, but if you’re in a low-tier group, that’s less an issue.
If you use lfg to find a group, just add “casual” or “fractal noob” or something to yr group description. You’ll get other folks who are learning, or people who don’t mind explaining things. And I’m happy to take a group through a few levels pretty much anytime you see me online.
Last: there are only about 20 different fractals, at higher levels it’s the same thing but with the difficulty ramped up. You’ll see enough repetition to get familiar with them over time.

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I just started doing the second tier ( T2 ) fractals. I know what you mean about worrying about not knowing the ropes getting started. I started the T1’s about a month ago and I went about it this way. I kept the LFG window open as much as I could and waited for the ones that said “all welcome” or something like that. You see them quite often. I just did that until I ran the all on T1 a few times, and that gave me the confidence to join the regular daily groups without worrying about it.

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Thanks for the advice. This sounds like what I should do.