New Content on Upcoming Dev Stream - Sun, Jan 10th @ 9am PST

As mentioned in the title, VR is planning a new dev stream this weekend. They’ll have Cohh back in-game playing through some new content! :slight_smile:

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Progress slowed there for a while. Glad to see that things seem to be back on track. Looking forward to seeing some updated gameplay.

Definitely, @Meeks.

That year+ between PA-4 and PA-5 was rough. And while I’m glad that they were honest about needing to refactor their codebase, that doesn’t exactly inspire a ton of confidence.

I’m excited to see what they’re able to show at this point.

** Reminder: This is in 10 minutes **

I’m really just reminding myself, because completely forgot when it was. :slight_smile:

If you weren’t able to catch this live, I would definitely encourage you to check out the video once it’s posted on Cohh’s YouTube channel.

The beginning is a bit slow, as he looks around, explores some dialogue and quest text, and gets his abilities set up. After that, Joppa and Machail join him and they do some underground cave exploration with combat. Feel free to skip ahead if that first part seems boring – it really picks up.

I’m very happy with what I saw. It’s a polished area with lots of interaction. They delve more into the abilities (rogue this time) and discuss those systems.

Honestly, this is what I needed at this point in development. I was, admittedly, a bit down on things during PA-5. This helped.

They also teased some sort of announcement coming up this/next week about funding/partnerships.

Thanks for the summary! I’m hoping to watch it later this evening.

I think it looked really good

They followed up on the stream with a small bit of detail on funding: a “seven-figure” investment. It’s in the latest Producer’s Letter:

There’s not much else in there, so I didn’t give it it’s own thread. It’s really a link to the Cohh stream, a note about funding, mention of their two new hires, and some vague stuff about what they’ll work on this year.

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