New Clan @ Warframe

I’ve been playing Warframe for awhile now, MR15 & decided to start a clan. I would like to extend invites to OTG members 1st and foremost as I’m a fan of OTG. It’s a casual player clan named “The Boondoggle Saints”. A play on The Boondock Saints. The cult classic movie. I have a dojo mostly built w more to come. Also have a clan emblem approved & going in game at next update. Have a Discord channel set up by the same name as well. The plan is for casual gamers to have fun in the game & help each other out. OTG members are most welcome. You can leave me a message here or contact me in game for an invite. My alias is eathernaut, in game & eathernaut#0694 on discord.

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I haven’t played much but if I get back into it will let you know!

Great. Looking forward to it if you do.