New clan Rules starting July 1 2019

Warframe is a very fast paced looter shooter and as a result of that seeing someone typing in clan chat or a direct message is usually answered 10-20 min later…with o i didnt see you typing i was playing if at all. This game does not allow for playing and typing at the same time. As well due to restrictions that DE has placed in the game there is no way to message someone unless they are online the same time as you. Due to these reasons and the limit to clan size. We will be going to a MANDATORY use of discord as of july 1 2019. Even if you do not have a mic you can still come in discord and listen post questions in the text channel or directly message someone who is not currently online. If no officer has seen you in discord by that time you will be removed from the clan to make room for a active player. You do not need to be in discord ALL the time just check in say hey, play with your fellow clanmates for a bit. there is nothing wrong with playing alone but you do need to occasionally play with your fellow OTG’rs. There are many things in this game that REQUIRE more then 1 person, and those things take a lot of explaining that is best done in discord and not in 3 pages of text. As well as participating in clan events like plague star that has just started.
As well if you are taking a break from warframe and only logging in and out to collect your daily please post on the thread below titled TAKING A BREAK so we can fee up your spot for another active member. If you have personal issues or a problem (aka going on vaca or will be afk for a month for work) speak with a officer or myself so we dont remove you. If you have any further question please contact Thorm (thats me) in discord.

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If I can do it due to wife aggro… :slight_smile:

grey your fine i fully understand your situation and know you pop in discord when you can. the rule change was made because we have some people in the clan that are NEVER in discord and or dont group with anyone from the clan. the whole point of a clan in a Co-op game is to group with your clan. thus a CO-op game.

Makes sense, understood.

Just remember everyone, as this thread has been brought to my attention by a few:

Although, I’m online quite a bit - it’s likely that I’m back and forth from the keyboard or on the phone. As such, I usually stay off voice chat and play public so I don’t have to ditch group too often. That said, I’m more than happy to help when I can, especially with anyone needing assistance on the more finicky Nightwave stuff. I wish warframe guild chat was easier to track, is there any way to keep it on top? There have been several times when I would have joined up with guild mates, but I’ve only seen the message way after the fact b/c squad chat “hides” the message. I’ll try to do a better job of posting in/checking the discord.

There isn’t, really. When you first enter game it defaults to alliance chat on your orbiter. If you switch it to guild chat from that point on it’ll be guild chat in your orbiter. Well, unless you’re in a group, where it defaults to group. And each time you go to a hub it defaults to regional (hub) chat. :confused:

Well to be honest aethyrion you have just stated the reason why you should hop in discord, you cant keep the chat open and you wont see it while playing. We have several guild members that either work from home or have several young kids they take care of and they are in discord the majority of the time, and yes they randomly afk in missions or need to immediatly drop what they are doing for children. Which is all the more reason to be in takes less that a second to say afk in chat do what you need to and come back when done. I cant tell you how many times i have either finished a mission while someone goes afk for kids or work, and its not a problem or issue. If your in a pug or solo you probably fail the mission or die if you are playing alone. As well no one would mind if you had to ditch in a hurry…if your in discord and say the magic word AFK. So please join us in discord.

I have no headset/mic and to avoid annoying the rest of the apartment rarely have sound up high enough to be useful for voice chat, finding caches by sound, or animal calls while hunting in the open worlds. So voice chat is pretty much useless to me. Boot me if you need to.

As a reminder to all who are currently in the otg warframe clan. Discord is REQUIRED! that means in discord able to hear and respond to your clanmates. being in discord muted and defaned will not be considered as using discord, nor will posting in the text channel once in a while. When railjack (emperion) goes live if you are not activly using discord you will be dropped from the clan. no exceptions no excuses this has been a rule for several months now,and headsets are cheap at wallmart and on amazon. Those who do not participate with the clan will be removed, those who wish to stay in the alliance who loose their spot in the clan must contact me and i will get you a spot in a alliance clan. We need active players who are able to communicate with each other via discord to play through the new content. At the start it will be to coordinate 4 people at a time in 1 ship in combat. Then once squad link is added it will be 2 teams of 4 on different planets or zones. typing is not a option for this. If you have issue with this feel free to contact me.

Your clan, your rules. My slot’s open. For reasons stated before, I’ll pass on being in discord. People enjoy playing in different ways. Good luck everyone.