New Carriers

Has anybody tried the new carriers yet?

Yes. I have a Ranger and a Ryujo but I actually tried the Langley to get a feel for it. After a few battles, I still need a feel for it. But watching others and tinkering myself, it seems one method is to get your rocket/fighters out (and they launch fast unlike the old way) and get yourself some scouting points. Looks like the days of DDs probing the map are gone (for a while anyway…I think this might be one of the things they look at adjusting). You can send out one group at a time…rockets, torps or dive-bombers. Getting the right angles for attack takes some practice (at least for me) and I don’t always seem to get all my torps or bombs launched in one swoop. You do have a lot better chance of doing damage to DDs which might call for them to stay in range of good AA ships.
I don’t hate the new method, it seems more involving somehow but my CV skills still need a lot of work. Hope that helped. :smiley:

I have the Lexington and Shokaku, I’ve been practicing in the training room with them, I’ve noticed that the biggest threat will be the cruisers, I am a little worried that while in the cockpit the carrier can come under attack and if you’re not paying attention to the mini map and if it is attacked it is too late to do anything about it I also feel that in time a good DD skipper will figure out a way to get in close to deal the death blow of a unsuspecting carrier skipper like myself not paying attention to the mini map, before the change I had little problems with the DD’s even at close range in my Hiryu I had maneuverability, speed and a decent set of secondary guns to deal with the DD’s that got close enough and swamp their sorry asses with torps and bombs , but I’m still waiting for the CV guru to come out with the best way to train the skipper I’m sure the old way will not work with the rework and I’ll hold on to my CV’s for now I can always sell them at full price and rake in the free xp to put towards another type of ship :sunglasses:

This is no different than it was previously. Good CVs would keep an eye on the minimap and move their ship with the fleet. Bad CVs would go the back of the map then ping the map when the fleet moved left while they sat right and got steamrolled.

With that said your fighter and repair party consumables are on auto. In addition to that there is an audio alert and a text alert right in the middle of your screen when your ship is spotted.

Have run T6, T8, and Midway. It’s definitely a different play style. I won’t say better or worse just different. AA from DD’s and CA’s at top tiers is a pain. It will be interesting to see how they adjust things for the next patch.

Hi guys - been travelling a lot so haven’t been in the game much. I thought that you needed to be out of the planes in order to give movement commands to the CV itself - is that true and is it a PITA?

one thing I have liked about the change is that it seems hard for a CV to basically eat you alive with a swarm of torpedo bombers like a good CV driver could previously (highly skilled that is ).

what are your overall impressions so far?