New art style reveal

So they released an update about the game and the new art style they are going with.

I can’t say that I care for the new art style, because I don’t,. It just looks more cartoony and generic.

Plenty of critical comments on the video. Ironically it looks a little like how EQ3 was supposed to look like and will probably look like when it gets re-developed. They have to beat the EQ3 estimated release date of 2028.

I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it, either. It does look kinda generic and low fidelity.

I will, say, though, that if it enables them successfully bring something to market and the gameplay is good, this art style wouldn’t stop me from playing. I never minded WoW’s cartoony style or GW2’s painterly one.

I get why they did it to hopefully broaden the audience for the game. I don’t dislike it so much I won’t play it when it ever launches or at least gets to the testing phase my pledge is good for. I can’t say I never played any MMO with worse looking character models/appearances…coughSWTORcough

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If they can concentrate more resources on systems, lore, quests (and so on) as a result, then I call it a good change. I don’t like the style quite as much as the old one, but I think that it will make it so much easier for them to get textures in the game, which will speed everything up.

I backed Ashes of Creation because I thought it has a better chance of actually becoming what they set out to make, but my heart is with Pantheon. My favorite MMORPGs were EQ (didn’t play it to a very high lvl, but it was my first) and Vanguard: SOH pre-launch, so Pantheon feels like more of a spiritual successor of my favorites.

Painted style is fine if they make it pretty enough for me to be able to lure my wife back to a MMORPG. :smile: