Neverwinter PS4

Anybody active on the PS4 for Neverwinter. I am looking to join a Guild at some point for my 8 toons…last time I checked the OTG Stronghold on PS4 was level 1 which is not really a problem if we have active people. If not I can look elsewhere.
in Game character names are Perec@jameserec, Emmie@jameserec, Drisiml@jameserec, Derec@jameserec, Arizima@jameserec, Chirrut Imwe@jameserec, Sara@jameserec, and Kalie@jameserec.

yeah, you’ll want to run with groups. I play on PC only (Guild rank 6), queued random and got Many Coins bank. I never done that before, but looked relatively easy before Mod16. … our group wiped 3 times before people started abandoning. Level 80 and my gear score is over 13k.

I have had the same experience with Manycoins and several other random dungeons. Comes down to luck of the draw. If you do not have enough dps from a random group you wipe. Nobody tanks for the group and nobody heals for the group. So much easier to play with a group that works together.

Yup it’s the same in most games, always a lack of tanks/healers. That’s why I always main a tank! It can slow down your dailies but you don’t wait very long when you want to que or find a group. :slight_smile:

We have an OTG guild on PS4 BTW. Look up @Redwynn there.

Sorry I was offline for 2 weeks on holidays…as soon as I catch back up I’ll drop the PS4 Stronghold a call back

Can’t seem to find him on there and the OTG Guild seems to be inactive. Would love to join it even if there was only one or 2 active players.

Did you join the OTG PS4 community @jameserec?

I might be able to do invites, I need to update and check

now i see the problem…looking for Redwynn not Redwynnmeska

I have invite privileges. We took care of this.