Neverwinter nights neverwinter nights NEVERWINTER NIGHTS! (old school version)

OK This old gem of game just came to android and um, well now i really have a time waster while Im waiting for my doc to see me…supposedly cross platform.
This is not the online version so… but it is coop play …
Who’s in?

cool I didn’t know that, but I rely on modable pc version for all the extra replayability it can offer :wink:

Well turns out its been released on steam. Theres all kinds of updates for it it seems as well…

Also now on Nintendo Switch :slight_smile:

I want a Switch so bad but my wife will never go for it lol

Lots of DLC including Infinite Dungeons :open_mouth:

Steam Workshop too though not sure how much on there.

I just bought this remaster on steam and now know it’s on android and switch… my brain is melting.

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No iOS? :frowning:

No but Dauntless will be :slight_smile:

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