Neverwinter newb wishing that I had tried this game years ago!

I’ve been looking for a good MMORPG for years and I just happened across Neverwinter the other day. This game reminds me a lot of Everquest and somewhat like what I hope Pantheon will be (more holy trinity/group based) when it’s eventually released.

Been with Neverwinter for years, but it’s in a weird state to me now. If you’ve just started, you may have not witnessed all the changes. This year they changed a lot of the mechanics, and are continuing to change stuff. That said, the mechanics were adjusted so there is more group dependency. It’s tough to get some times that others are on to play, and our thread has been dormant. I’m willing to run through stuff if we want to group. Usually avail tues, thurs, sat nights.

loyalist to the game keep hanging on for any new content, but yeah, it’s got good D&D lore.

I’m on sometime between 10 am & 5 pm MDT. I’ll help you if your on, get into guild so you can check who is on line.
I’m on Taloson@Zynk most of the time.

Thanks guys!

Yeah I didn’t think that there would be a very active player base but after watching this video on Youtube I decided to check it out.

I’m playing an Oathbound pally (only level 12) so that I have the option to solo but I’ve wanted a game like EQ for a LONG time where you are forced to group, slow down and dungeon crawl/use CC. I always play a tank or healer in MMOs with a dps alt. WoW lost most of its appeal after the Burning Crusader when DPS didn’t need to worry about pulling agro and it just became a blur.

I understand that the game has changed a lot recently. I’m sorry that I missed out on the Foundry, it sounds like it was something really unique.

I’m off most of August so I expect to play the heck out of this game all month and probably a lot up until then in the evenings EST time (wife allowing hahaha)



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