Nevergrind Online

I ran into this little oddity this morning and thought I’d pass it along. I’m sure the title is meant to be humorous. It’s an mmo but you can solo it as well but I don’t think that would be as much fun…getting a copy of Dungeon Hack would probably serve better. Anyway, there are a number of classes and races and the town is the meeting place. If you’ve the patience I’ll just recount my adventure. I logged in and made a Half-elf Ranger. Bag space is limited (sure hope you can get more…I didn’t explore all the stores and I don’t know if I started with any money but one thing you should get early if you have any is an identity scroll at the apothecary (10 gold) because I found some neat items I couldn’t equip because…well, you know. At first people were saying normal stuff like ‘+16 looking for group’ so I put in ‘lvl 1 rookie seeking a run’ and another lvl 1 invited me. At first I couldn’t figure out how to switch to party chat so he talked and I scrambled to figure out what I was doing. After I joined up it went to party immediately. I guess he picked the dungeon because he was party leader so we started exploring and ran into spiders and puny orcs and stuff. Even though I had a bow, you had to wait until they got into melee range to use your skills…ranger had a sword attack, bow attack, a heal and fairy fire. I forgot what class he was but it might have been a cleric of some sort since he used ‘smite’ most of the time. So we ran around and a couple times I’d get a chest or some items but I didn’t want to be greedy and didn’t click on them. Turns out the loot that pops up is just for you. Didn’t matter since I couldn’t use it since I had no ID scrolls…I did get a blue short bow and a good one handed sword. We beat the boss and went back to town where someone else joined up…an enchanter…and I was scrambling trying to figure out using the scrolls and what everything did but suddenly we were on another run. Those two buffed us up and the mobs, although still one at a time, had more hit points. They said points are set based on how many in your group. I had to leave after the second run and I was now lvl 2 with at least three items identified. I need to explore the shops and stuff but even though things seemed pretty simplistic, it was fun with other people and if you’re just looking for a goof for a while with your buddies give this look if the info page appeals to you at all. I intend to keep plugging away until I actually have a clue about it. My character now is Rurik but I’m sure there’s a Rance waiting to be born…ok that sounded weird.

(Nevergrind Online on Steam)

edit: ok, I’ve been playing for a couple days now and to be honest, this game is a complete surprise to me…and to a lot of the people I’ve been grouping with and I can’t really explain it. Folks are having fun and it seems like such a mindless little diversion. Anyway, my druid Rance is lvl 10, my Ranger Rurik is lvl 7. My Shadow Knight is 5 and my Enchanter is 5…btw all of those classes are pretty fun. The only one I didn’t care for was the Shaman…which isn’t like an elemental one or spiritual one…more of a voodoo shaman with a bunch of blood related spells…and (at least at lower levels) all the spells/skills are slow casts and seems to take forever. Or the problem was I was in a group as the only healer and the spells were slow regens and I couldn’t cast my combat ones. Yoicks! There are still a bunch of classes I want to look at…Templar, Crusader, Warlock, Wizard…etc. I’ll get to them eventually. This morning the server was a little messed up (it is EA after all) and the ping in town sucked so for some reason people couldn’t group up and had to enter the dungeons solo, which is fine just not as fun.
The only thing I find annoying is there seems to be no policing the names of players so far…there is a F*ck and some A$$------- which isn’t necessary in my opinion when younger minds could be playing. I met the developer in Discord by chance when I popped on to ask some questions and he seemed a very decent sort but I forgot to mention the naming morons. Aside from that problem, I’ll keep playing and wondering why this turned out so entertaining. Good gaming you old people!

edit: Hey, it’s me! Ok, the named idiots seem to be gone now, which is nice. The fun hasn’t stopped. There seem to be more and more people finding this game. I have 11 characters as of last count and all of them (except 1) are pretty fun. I tried a bard today and as expected it has plenty of group-helpful songs. At the end of every battle it shows a little chart of damage done by the group members and I think I was always at the bottom. My chanter is usually low too but it doesn’t take into account heals and buffs so no biggie. As usual, I was being a moron…there is a chanter Stasis spell which is cast on one mob…it makes it 50% harder to do damage to you but then its also 50% harder to do damage to it. So I was casting stasis on some of these guys and then attacking them wondering why they were so hard to kill off. Note to self: reading the spell text pays off! Ta for now!

edit: Ok, that’s all over! Time to move to something else!


NO is so much fun. I used to play the browser one - - and am really enjoying this game as well. I think I’ve seen you on the game. Is your char Rance as well?

My primary is a bard - Roundup - and I have a warrior as well - Gwario. Feel free to friend me online and we can run dungeons together. :slight_smile:

Hey! Yes, I’m Rance there…I think he’s a 22 druid but lately I’ve been playing my chanter a lot…Glaeryn…32. I have one guy for every class and their levels are all over the place…most in the teens. I commend you on playing a bard…I find it a lot of work and I parked mine for the time being. The duration of songs seems so short you’re constantly casting where a lot of druid and chanter buffs last 8-12 minutes so you have a little time to do some damage!
I’ll keep an eye out for your guys and we can tear up the dungeons…or at least visit some statues and treasure chests! I was looking at the dungeons my higher guys have visited and found I missed quite a few so now I have to go back and run them w/o exp. Yay!