Need some Help with AMD...Kind of New At It

Here’s the deal. My 1 year old gaming PC recently crashed and burned. Luckily it was still under warranty and they offered a full refund (around $4300), while I wait…my old PC ALSO died with a Motherboard problem (from what I can tell). So I am without a PC… My son had this PC laying around, it just needed a power supply, I got a new one and installed it, but the CPU (listed below) can not handle even OLDER games like ESO… ESO pegs the CPU at 100%. Question:

  1. Can I, with the current motherboard, upgrade the CPU to play New World or ESO at the low end. With this Motherboard (listed below) my research looks like my only possible chance is getting a FX 8350 or FX 8370, however, New Worlds description of the Minimum simply says 4 Cores and at least 3Ghz.

I have always purchased Intel, so my AMD knowledge is super limited, to upgrade to the above, its only about $150 bucks if I shop around a bit, just trying to figure out if it will work ENOUGH to play the newer MMO’s. Any help would be appreciated.

Current CPU: AMD FX 6120 - Six Core Processor, 3500 MHz, 3 Core(s), 6 Logical Process…
Motherboard: ASRock 970M Pro3 (as reported by Windows)
RAM: 24 GB (random)
Video: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti

My OTHER old PC I will be looking for a new motherboard, when I get the info I will post it. IF anyone has an old (2-3 year old) MB and Chip they would like to sell…I might be interested, I believe my Old backup PC is more than 5 years old, but at the time, it was pretty beefed up, I believe it was a Core I7 8 core/16 thread.

To be honest, I’d not spend any money on the 970M system, because that’s not a very good investment.

It’s PCIE2 and DDR3 :slight_smile: I doubt you’ll get the performance out of it that you’d want, even if you’d replace the CPU.

The 24G is 2x8 + 2x4?

It’s all in all not a bad motherboard at all, and I’m not sure why it wouldn’t handle ESO. It should be able to… Although the 1660 is one of those “Cheapest card in a prebuilt” cards, so that might be a bottleneck. Hard to say.

New World, probably not, even with a new CPU. But ESO shouldn’t be an issue, so I’m wondering where that’s going weird.

Have you reset the graphics/etc settings? Might still be on the settings of your exploded system, which sounds like it would be a lot better.

And right now seems to be a pretty decent time to look for a decent setup, since the new fancy stuff is just releasing, so the not so new but perfectly good and serviceable stuff might come to a useful price level. I know videocards are actually affordable now, for instance.

Oh. And if you’re considering a prebuilt (I doubt it considering your previous machine :slight_smile: it might be worth checking GamersNexus. If for nothing else but a good laugh :slight_smile:

Thx Splutty for the info. My goal was to get a backup machine up and running, while I wait for my refund and purchasing another machine. I had a backup, it was an old Core I7 that worked just fine, but the motherboard crashed AT THE SAME TIME my gaming PC with a Core I9-10 Core/RX 3090, 64 GB RAM ALSO crashed. So I was left with NO PC at all. I ended up buying a $200 Core I7 USED PC from Amazon (for quick refund if I need it) and utilizing all the old items (minus the MB of course) from my old PC - ie… My fans, GOOD RAM, and the 1660TI. Amazon puts a 90 day warranty on their refurb PCs, which is a good deal.

Also, just an FYI about the 1660TI, while very reasonably priced (when I bought it, it was like $200) it will run New World at 4k/60fps with no problem at all, which is more than I need. I got the SUPER gaming machine because my wife came into some money and as a gift told me to get a PC that would last 5 or more years, I kept it around $5000 limit.

I am forming a plan to REBUY another PC but this time I am thinking the 3090 really didn’t do much for me, overall and that cost alone was OVER half the price of the PC. I only have a 4k/60fps Samsung Monitor and I don’t really see a need to change it, I am too old and my eyesight isn’t really good enough to make any changes now. I am thinking of dropping down some of the stats of my Gaming PC and adding a Gaming Laptop to my total purchase. This will give me my backup computer along with a GOOD gaming PC instead of an UBER one.

If you or anyone have a few minutes, if you had $5k to spend on some PC gear and you were in my situation, what would you buy? Thanks Guys/Gals.

Only thing I can say not to get… Anything to do with DDR5, since it’s too early for that, really.

And a 3090 is probably overkill for almost anything you’d want to do. A 3080 or a 3080ti should be a lot less expensive and run your games fine. (The only reason I ever wanted a 3090 is for UE/Blender).

Also my system isn’t one you want to get either :smiley:

For AMD I’d probably go with a 5900x or 5950x. For Intel… I don’t really know. There’s a few that are utterly useless, and a few that are good. GamingNexus has good videos on that.

Make sure you match your memory speeds to what the best speeds are for your CPU.

Don’t overspend on a motherboard. (The only reason mine’s $1K for example, is because of 5 M.2 slots and some other… Interesting stuff).

Get a second monitor if you don’t have one and have the space :smiley: