Need help to setup a gaming projector

Hey, I’m looking for help in setting up a gaming projector. A lot of choices out there that makes me difficult to decide. Has anybody setup a gaming projector before and if so which one you’ll recommend to me. Thanks

It has been a long time since I have used a projector.

Things you will want to consider are as follows.

How dark your room is when you are using it. The projector is not as bright as a monitor as you are getting reflected light off the wall. Projectors also have a lumen rating. This is how bright it is. This is important.

The throw distance of the projector. Also how much empty space you have on the wall. I wanted a 9 foot ceiling and 10 feet in width free of obstructions like light switches. The projector I had, I needed 16 feet to get my 110” screen size. The projector should tell you how far from the wall it needs to be to get some size.

You need to decide if you want a screen to project on. Screens improve the quality of what you are looking at. I just projected mine on the wall. It was white with a light texturing on the surface. I kept my room quite dark, so the texturing did not bother me.

You will always want to keep a spare bulb. When the current one goes out, you don’t want to wait for a new one to be delivered. You just want to wait for the burnt-out one to cool. You might want to check to see what the life expectancy for the bulb is. Also check the replacement cost of the bulb as well.

Also keep in mind where the projector is relative to where people are walking. If people walk in front of it, they will cast a shadow over the view area.

Whenever you move, you will now have requirements that limit where you can move. This was the main reason I stopped using a projector.

Thanks man! :slight_smile: I appreciate it. I made a decision to buy for the Optoma HD142 XE. I saw a reasonably smart reviews up here