Need Help Getting Started - Again!

Can somebody delineate the steps required to get started once the game is installed. I know I sound helpless, but I mean starting with the log in and character creating screen. (For example, does it matter what area I select to enter the game?) I got into the game a week or so ago and saved it a couple times. Then the next time I logged in…back to square one. I guess due to an update or something.

Anyway, I don’t play enough to have these early stages down pat, so it’s very frustrating when I get ‘reset’. So some basic, bullet list type steps, including how to get from my bunk to my ship and how to get to a point where I can save the game would be great.

Thanks for helping such a needy old fogie. :^)

I gave up pretty much. I’ll wait until there’s an actual release, since they keep changing things and I have no idea what I’m doing :slight_smile:

The UI doesn’t exactly help either.

The current patch (3.9.0) came in with a lot of bugs. More than usual even.

With those bugs we got all manner of persistence problems. Items going missing, characters being reset to base money, even customization of your character being reset so that you had to “recreate” the character on log in.

SO that is the bad news.

The good news is only a small nugget but still good.
First, all of it is alpha so it isn’t like it will be anything really “lost”
Second, there is a patch coming at the end of the month to clean up a LOT of these bugs. It will help with persistence and a lot of the painful, what I call “everyday” bugs … the ones that you hit when doing the typical mundane tasks like walking into your ship or getting out of bed.

As for how to get started, there is a post in this forum (I think it is pinned) that shows a series of videos on how to get started. IF you watch those and still have specific questions I am happy to help.

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Also this:

I just watched through it today and learned that I can quantum travel at an altitude 11000m

Game changing