Need guidance with 3.5

Hi all, I’m doing something wrong but when I try to go anywhere using Quantum, I tend to jump and get near a planet as I come out of jump, then the location I want is still miles away. So I set my route and go thru the QJ process again, but it always brings me out around 50- 60 km away from my desired location. And then I find I can’t QJ again, too close or whatever, so I have to use normal thrust and it takes about 15 minutes to get there. What am I doing wrong? On YT videos I’ve watched, they all just come out of QJ right on top of their location.

Edit: 850+km from my target, not 50-60…takes hours to reach it, will spool but refuses to make the jump when I hold B. Very frustrating.

This was a bug some time ago but it looks like it may be back.
You should be able to reset your desired location to a new spot and QT.

I will check into this tonight see if I get similar results.
I had not been having any issues with QT but I have been hanging around Crusader for a while too.