Need Game Suggestions/Input

Hello Everyone

Been a while (maybe years) since I perused these chat boards, and I am looking for some recommendations. Lately I have been gaming with my kids (mainly Diablo 3), and I am looking for something new that we can continue playing together when we have time.

I was looking at some game-play videos of ESO and would like a little feedback on Black Desert. I left Neverwinter 2 mods ago after being there forever. I know a lot of software gets discounted for Cyber-Monday/Black Friday, I am hoping that may be the same for ESO or Black Desert. I might even be steered to something else, always open to ideas.

Thank You

Doc (Colwyn)


With the information you provided I’ll give you some suggestions, but you may find that people can make better suggestions if you give more info. (For example, the ages of the children, what type of gameplay motivates them, do you use Steam launcher, do you use Epic launcher, etc.)

First, nothing wrong with ESO. I would go ESO over BDO, but that is just me.

If you do not use Epic, I recommend you start. They give away a game every week. If they are going to give away a mature game they give a second general game away as well. If all three of you use the Epic launcher you will have a steady stream of random games to try out even if you only make purchases on discount. They’ve also done some discounting and would expect a significant sale when games go on sale generally. Perfect for some family game time and to try different game types.

Consider Maplestory 2. (On Steam). I tried this out and depending on the seriousness and ages of your children this may be perfect or it might not. It is an MMO with mini games and a juvenile appeal. From what I could tell initially, the game play may actually be interesting if the MMO aspects drive your groups interest. Check it out and decide.

If you enjoy instanced boss fights consider Dauntless. It is great for quick matches. You level up your characters and smash behemoths. Might be fun. It’ll hit the loot and upgrade cycle in a different way from Diablo. You can pick it up from the Epic launcher.

You might also consider Destiny 2… this might hit the Diablo cycle a little better… more shooter… but good group content from what I can tell. I’ve been trying out the game since the free to play game was released (New Light). It is more mature… but maybe that’s ok… I would say fine for kids that play diablo… but you might disagree.

I am fooling around in both Dauntless and Destiny 2 at the moment, so let me know how it goes if you go that way.

Good luck!


Thank you for responding. We all have Steam accounts and I just installed Epic on my 10 y.o.'s computer so he can play Dauntless. I do not see myself getting into Dauntless, but he really likes it. I am looking for something to explore with, maybe ESO. I will look into New Light today also.

Thank You

Hey Doc-

I am playing ESO. I went through WoW burnout, and let my son pick the next game. It was ESO. He had low expectations and by the time he went back to college he was fully in love with the game. I have continued in his absence.

BDO is a great game. I loved the fishing. I loved the trade routes. But sadly like many games, the end game involves PVP, and you can not toggle off the PVP flag, and I think there is a bit of pay to win involved to level the field in PvP. I forget what level you are automatically flagged for PvP, but prior to that level you could set up to fish all night, and after that level you might find yourself dead, boat destroyed, etc. So instead of looking forward to the end game, I dreaded it. They also had sort of a grindy end game involving pulling off combos that involved multiple simultaneous keystrokes on your left hand. It did not work well for me, although I did really love the empire building and fishing.

Like BDO, the world of ESO is beautiful and large. It also has zone based PvP in Cyrodiil and battlegrounds, so you can be a nice peaceful carebear until you want to go on a rampage in those zones. There is no cooldown management on skills, and there is no builder/spender mechanic. You can hit the same skill as many times as you want in a fight, although it usually helps to load them up with DoTs and then use anytimes after that.

There is a massive world of player housing you can get lost in. So far I have avoided that tank trap!

The game is very alt-friendly, encouraging you to create an alt and train its riding skill over time, and offering things like daily crafting to make money with a once a day login.

If you do this game, I recommend subscribing as it gives you an infinite crafting bank among other goodies.

I like the stories in the quests. I like the voice acting on the quests. I like the zone completion thing where you do all world bosses, shards, delves, dolmen, quest hubs, and points of interest.

There seems to be a good balance between crafting and dropped items. While you can craft training sets for alts, you still need it in the end game to reforge? items to the desired trait (even the dungeon dropped ones), or upgrade the quality of it. I think this was very good implementation, as most other games either make it a net gold sink or reduce its utility in the end game.

There is a whole fun thieving game in ESO, where you can pick pockets, rob houses, unlock chests, evade guards etc. There is also DLC (you get all DLC if you subscribe) for assassination which has a good story line.

Cyrodiil is like PvP in GW2. There are strategic goals and keeps that you bring down with siege or defend with siege. You can go large scale and run with the zerg, or you can go for small scale encounters across the world. Cyrodiil is a gigantic area, and to really get around you need to use the PvP specific tactical gate system to go from one place you control to another.

We have a good chapter in ESO, with coffee runs on the weekend, as well as other events all week long. I found everyone there helpful and friendly, and they were more than happy to talk me through all my questions on Discord.


Do you have an idea of what kind of deals might be running late next month for ESO. Whatever I do, I am doing in gross, so I have to do it smartly. Last year it was “Buy ESO and ESO: Summerset at up to 63% off!”.


I am not really up on that. Subscription is around $15/mo and you get all the DLC except the most recent one. If you buy that you will get a lot of crowns to buy other things from the crown store. I bought the Necromancer class, and the any-class-any-faction package. In the next month, I bought the Warden class. I did buy Elseweyr for around $50. My son passed on that one. Every month with your subscription you get more crowns, which I have used to amass a total of 12 slots to date for toons.

I did take a quick look and there seems to be a lot of online coupon codes, but I am not sure how reliable those are, and how risky it would be to use them.